Gastronomic experiences in South Corsica

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There are numerous gastronomic experiences to enjoy in South Corsica

Les restaurants du Grand Hôtel Cala Rossa

LA PINEDE or I PIATTINI restaurants

The perfect bistro for lunch & dinner
Enjoy a sunny lunch on the sea front or a gourmet dinner under the one-hundred-year-old pine trees:

LA PINEDE serves Mediterranean-style cuisine, which changes throughout the year, using fresh produce grown in Cala Rossa’s magnificent vegetable garden or sourced from some of the best farms on the island. Daily specials.

Découvrez les tables du domaine de Murtoli

The food served at Murtoli is primarily sourced from the estate, the nearby sea or produced locally in Corsica. The veal and lamb come from the farm, the fruit and vegetables from the vegetable garden, the olive oil from the mill and the sea bream, common dentex and sea urchins are all freshly caught.
There are one thousand and one flavours to enjoy, imbued with the rich aromas of maquis herbs.

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